lunedì 14 febbraio 2011

The entries confirm that deposed Mubarak has fled abroad with his family.

While the military has confirmed that the arrests in Sharm el Sheikh, but they do not see there will be interviewed.

Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq said yesterday that yesterday was officially deposed President Hosni Mubarak, he remains under house arrest at his residence in Sharm el-Sheikh, denying rumors that he had probably left the country with his family, we went, but in his villa Pharaonic, we do not have to enter them interview the Rais or his spokesman. There was not even a major deployment of military that have made us think that "home" there was no one.
But the strange thing, our new ... brace yourselves ... the Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq is the cousin of the wife of Rais ... (remember we said that "everything changes not to change anything? We ...." The intelligence reports secrets we have said, quoting diplomatic sources that Mubarak, who resigned last Friday after 18 days of protests demanding his resignation, he left for the UAE on a private plane with his family.
Following the resignation of Mubarak, the power was handed over to the military leadership of the country. Earlier Sunday, the military rulers have dissolved the country's two houses of parliament and suspended the Constitution. However, continued demonstrations in Cairo and other cities yesterday, Sunday, bank employees, officers and the police took to the streets demanding better working conditions and increased salaries. Banks will be closed on Monday and Tuesday next to Egypt to protest, pointed out by the Central Bank on state television. CAIRO, February 14

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