martedì 24 maggio 2011

Italy, Bologna : He climbs in his underwear on the statue of Neptune

24 MAY I GO FANTRY.. the Piave and murmured, TODAY A MAN ON THE BARE NEPTUNE WAS murmured Place in BOLOGNA?

All wondered whether it was the new mayor of Bologna Merola Caldane that having had the first summer he had been in his underwear on the Neptune, in front of the building 's Accursio, but in the end they discovered it was a fan who was Merola there was the day of election. Joking aside this afternoon at 19:28 the reporter always our operational Silvia Aldrovandi photographed the poor man trying flushed only refreshing, but in the end between firefighters and police were loaded onto an ambulance for a TSO (medical treatment required) .
A man in his forties has climbed this afternoon on the statue of Neptune. Wearing only underwear and socks. It 'happened around 18.45. The man, a Maghreb of 39 years, now, is sitting on the head of the statue which is located in Piazza del Nettuno, next to Piazza Maggiore. It threatens to end it. "I want to die - shouting from the top - I want to die to destroy the state. Want to talk to a minister. God created me free and I'm going where I want. " Piazza del Nettuno was filled with people curious about the bizarre episode. They arrived on-site fire brigade, ambulance, the police, the police and the Municipal.
The police have left to bring a guy in the fountain to talk to the man, who appears to be drunk. The 39 year old, in fact, does not want to deal with police, and police said vigilant because they are afraid of them. The Maghreb has also invited the boy to join him on the statue. "So we throw ourselves together," he exclaimed. And then let it give up a moment later.

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